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How Much Money Do You Need For Your Dream Trip?

Think your dream trip is too expensive? Think again.

Hi, I'm Yun Qing, founder of

At 26, I left my job to travel around the world solo for 130 days. 

I didn't think it was possible at all, until I sat down to do the math. Turns out, travelling around the world wasn't as expensive as I thought.

In this 5-day free course, I guide you on how to estimate the cost of your dream trip.

You will find out how achievable it is to make your once-in-a-lifetime trip come true.



5-day course

Day 1

Where do you want to go?

Day 2

A mindset to help your eyes on the goal.

Day 3

Estimating your transportation costs.

Day 4

Calculating your daily expenses.

Day 5

Find out how soon you can go on your trip.